My first post!!!

Hello everyone, welcome to my new blog all about my Sylvanian Families, and what they get up to in their miniature world on top of my drawers! I wasn’t really sure about what I should do for my first post, so I think I’ll just show you some pictures of the Toy Store.

It was really easy to set up, it only took a couple of minutes. There is even a mini version of Daisy Cottage. The stickers on the walls make it really cheerful (the perfect environment for little Sylvanians!) One of the sweetest things that was included in this set was a little play table. It has different mats that you can put onto it, so that you can play different games. It has a little mat with a pretend cooker on it, and there are toy pots and pans in the shop so you can pretend to put them on the cooker.

Victoria Beaufort particularly likes this one because she can pretend that she is just like her mother in the kitchen!!


Is that cute or what?



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