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Mayor of Sylvania

Recently I have been thinking about having a mayor of Sylvania, but I wasn’t sure who could do the job.

Crystal Babblebrook was asking all the men in the village if they would like to become the mayor and say a speech in front of all the residents of Sylvania. All of them said yes, apart from Wilbur Robinson.

“I’m sorry, but it would just be too much for me to handle,” he began “I already own and run the Village Store, and Fliss and I also have to deal with the wine making business. We have to be out at the vineyard every morning at 6 o’clock, even on Sundays!”

“That’s quite alright, I completely understand” she replied.

She moved on to the next house along the road, Cedar Terrace. She knocked fairly loudly on the door. Vania Beaufort opened it for her, and smiled kindly.

“Ah Crystal, how lovely to see you! What brings you here on a fine morning like this?”

“Well, I actually wanted to speak to your husband” she said quickly before Vania could invite her in for a cup of tea and a lecture about her latest ice cream flavour.

”Ah, well I’ll just get him then,” and she called his name.

Soon, he appeared at the door and he looked surprised to see Crystal standing there.

“Mr Beaufort, I was wondering if you would like to be the Mayor of Sylvania. It’s quite a big decision to make at the front door, I know, but it won’t be definite.” Sven looked unsure, and he glanced back at his wife.

“Of course” he replied.

Troy Dante and Rocky Babblebrook both said yes too.

Who do you think would be the best Mayor of Sylvania? Vote now!


Cedar Terrace

On Monday, my Mum and I ordered Cedar Terrace because we found it at a really good price. I didn’t really have time to put a post up about it, because I was really busy with school and homework! Anyway, we collected it on Thursday, and as you have probably guessed from recent posts the Collectors Club stuff arrived on Wednesday.


It’s looking pretty bare at the moment, I really need to get some furniture for it. The Beauforts didn’t really mind what it looked like they just wanted to move in straight away. And the wedding couple are just adorable, they fit in really well in my little village. I’m glad they have quite a lot of company because I don’t want them to be lonely. I thought the babies in Sylvania were the cutest ones but I am obviously wrong there:-)

I was also thinking about ways to improve my posts/stories. Possibly more pictures, I think all of my posts and stories have a bit too many words. Please comment and tell me what you think!

Part 2: The New Arrivals

The Robinson family awoke early on Wednesday morning to the sound of excited chatter outside. Grumpily, Cali put her pillow over her ears (she didn’t like being disturbed during her ‘sleepy time’.)

“What on earth is all that rabble for? Surely they can’t be waiting to get into the store at a time like this!”  Fliss groaned, “Wilbur, do go down and see who is making that awful racket.”

So Wilbur had to drag himself out of bed, put on his dressing gown and obediently climb down the ladder.

“Fliss darling, come down and take a look!” he called. As soon as she was downstairs in the shop, she gasped.

“Oh Arabella, oh Arabella you came!” cried Fliss as she rushed out to greet her.

It appeared that every person in the town had come out to meet these new residents of Sylvania. Children were rushing around playing tag and the men were stood in the corner talking. Many of the girls had skipped across the road with their friends to admire Arabella’s beautiful dress with its flowing veil.


Part 3 coming soon 😛

Part 1: The Letter

Mrs Robinson was giving Cali, Wilbur and Frances their breakfast, when the postman came along and dropped a letter at the door.


“Who is it fwom mummy?” Asked baby Cali.

“Hmm, I’m not sure sweetie. I don’t recognise the handwriting…” Fliss murmured.

The whole family were sitting silently at the table staring at Fliss.

“You’d better open it then, see who it’s from” Said Wilbur.

Fliss tore open the envelope gently (as she always did) and she read the letter.


Dearest Fliss,

It has been such a long space of time since I last saw you, and so I thought it might be the right time to

come and visit you. Well, Troy and I aren’t really visiting. We’ve actually decided to move to the village and

we have plans for our wedding in the next few months.

Looking forward to seeing all the family.

Hugs and kisses,

Arabella Dante xxx

“What, what is it?” Wilbur inquired.

“It’s my old friend Arabella, she’s coming to live in the village. When was it that I last saw her? 7, 8, 9 years ago! Oh and she is getting married too, how lovely!” Exclaimed Fliss.

“Does that mean I get to be a bridesmaid in a pretty dress?” Said Frances, still munching her cornflakes with honey.

To be continued……..