Part 1: The Letter

Mrs Robinson was giving Cali, Wilbur and Frances their breakfast, when the postman came along and dropped a letter at the door.


“Who is it fwom mummy?” Asked baby Cali.

“Hmm, I’m not sure sweetie. I don’t recognise the handwriting…” Fliss murmured.

The whole family were sitting silently at the table staring at Fliss.

“You’d better open it then, see who it’s from” Said Wilbur.

Fliss tore open the envelope gently (as she always did) and she read the letter.


Dearest Fliss,

It has been such a long space of time since I last saw you, and so I thought it might be the right time to

come and visit you. Well, Troy and I aren’t really visiting. We’ve actually decided to move to the village and

we have plans for our wedding in the next few months.

Looking forward to seeing all the family.

Hugs and kisses,

Arabella Dante xxx

“What, what is it?” Wilbur inquired.

“It’s my old friend Arabella, she’s coming to live in the village. When was it that I last saw her? 7, 8, 9 years ago! Oh and she is getting married too, how lovely!” Exclaimed Fliss.

“Does that mean I get to be a bridesmaid in a pretty dress?” Said Frances, still munching her cornflakes with honey.

To be continued……..


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