Part 2: The New Arrivals

The Robinson family awoke early on Wednesday morning to the sound of excited chatter outside. Grumpily, Cali put her pillow over her ears (she didn’t like being disturbed during her ‘sleepy time’.)

“What on earth is all that rabble for? Surely they can’t be waiting to get into the store at a time like this!”  Fliss groaned, “Wilbur, do go down and see who is making that awful racket.”

So Wilbur had to drag himself out of bed, put on his dressing gown and obediently climb down the ladder.

“Fliss darling, come down and take a look!” he called. As soon as she was downstairs in the shop, she gasped.

“Oh Arabella, oh Arabella you came!” cried Fliss as she rushed out to greet her.

It appeared that every person in the town had come out to meet these new residents of Sylvania. Children were rushing around playing tag and the men were stood in the corner talking. Many of the girls had skipped across the road with their friends to admire Arabella’s beautiful dress with its flowing veil.


Part 3 coming soon 😛


3 thoughts on “Part 2: The New Arrivals

  1. Debbie

    I am really enjoying reading the adventures of your sylvanian families, I would like to know what ice cream flavours Vania makes? And why Wilbur didn’t want to put himself forward to be Mayor?


    1. Olivia Post author

      Hi Debbie, it’s really nice to hear that you are enjoying my blog.
      Vania makes lots of different ice cream flavours, and her newest one is ‘eggs and bacon’.
      Wilbur didn’t want to be the mayor because he is already very busy, he owns the Village Store and he and his wife spend their spare time making wines and jams with their fresh fruit.



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