Cedar Terrace

On Monday, my Mum and I ordered Cedar Terrace because we found it at a really good price. I didn’t really have time to put a post up about it, because I was really busy with school and homework! Anyway, we collected it on Thursday, and as you have probably guessed from recent posts the Collectors Club stuff arrived on Wednesday.


It’s looking pretty bare at the moment, I really need to get some furniture for it. The Beauforts didn’t really mind what it looked like they just wanted to move in straight away. And the wedding couple are just adorable, they fit in really well in my little village. I’m glad they have quite a lot of company because I don’t want them to be lonely. I thought the babies in Sylvania were the cutest ones but I am obviously wrong there:-)

I was also thinking about ways to improve my posts/stories. Possibly more pictures, I think all of my posts and stories have a bit too many words. Please comment and tell me what you think!


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