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Two little pups from America!

Yesterday, my dad came back from Boston in the USA. He got me a couple of Calico Critters things (the American version of Sylvanian Families) so I’ve been playing with them for the last 24 hours.


Introducing…the border collie twins, Carly and Cameron!


I must admit, they are pretty cute. Dad got me some beds too, which is a good thing because that means Frances now has somewhere warm and cosy to sleep!

They looked quite tired after their long journey on the plane, so I dashed upstairs straight away to give them some milk. When they had their lovely warm bottles of milk, I took them to the Toy Shop to pick out a toy each. Silly little Cameron wasn’t very bothered about all of the toys surrounding him, he just jumped straight into a big box and curled up into a ball – little sleepy head!


Now they’re both snoring away happily. I’ll have to introduce them to my other Sylvanians soon.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to bring the pups back to America…


Gerard Hunter-Smyth plays Chess!

On Wednesday my Chocolate Labrador baby arrived in the post, and I decided to have a bit of fun with him…

I made a tiny paper crown that looked like the top of a castle piece in chess, and I swopped a castle for Gerard! Here he is having fun.


He did get slightly bored halfway through the game, so he decide to have a little rest.


…Now he just needs a nice family to look after him!

Likes and Comments

Hello everyone, just a short post today. Please feel free to like and comment on my blog, it’s really great when someone does it makes me feel so great! Plus, I love to hear what you think of my post and stories, and please tell me if there are any ways I could improve my blog.

Thanks! 😀

How to Make: Easy-Peasy Warm Winter Scarf

Hey Guys! Hope you are all having fun. Today I have decided to show you how to make a warm winter scarf, perfect for days in the snow.

You will need:

  • Scissors (little ones might need an adult to handle these)
  • Felt, any colour you like
  • Ruler

First, take your felt and place it next to a small ruler. Cut it down so that it is the same length as the ruler (but be careful with the sharp scissors!) It doesn’t have to be spot on, but try and get it as close as you can.


Next, put it round your Sylvanian’s neck just to check that it fits. Once you have mastered this, you can begin to decorate it. I think it looks really nice when you add a few little sequins to the scarf, it’s simple but really effective! On my pink scarf, I cut some little tassle bits and that made it look more scarfy.


The finished product. Judy Babblebrook just loves posing for the camera and showing off!


Mayor of Sylvania

The crowds stood waiting, as freezing cold winds blew. They were in clump outside Cedar Terrace, waiting for the Mayor of Sylvania to be announced.

Suddenly, there was movement inside the house, and the door opened and out stepped Verity Beaufort. She was dressed very smartly indeed, with her bright cheery dress and her fluffy white coat. The villagers began to cheer, and when they were silent Verity spoke:


“Children, women, men, and babies, I am pleased to announce that the Mayor of Sylvania is…” the crowd held their breath as she paused dramatically,”Sven Beaufort!” He suddenly appeared at the balcony on the top floor of cedar terrace waving to everyone down below. He was dressed in fine silks, with a bit of lace too.

Hope you liked it!