Two little pups from America!

Yesterday, my dad came back from Boston in the USA. He got me a couple of Calico Critters things (the American version of Sylvanian Families) so I’ve been playing with them for the last 24 hours.


Introducing…the border collie twins, Carly and Cameron!


I must admit, they are pretty cute. Dad got me some beds too, which is a good thing because that means Frances now has somewhere warm and cosy to sleep!

They looked quite tired after their long journey on the plane, so I dashed upstairs straight away to give them some milk. When they had their lovely warm bottles of milk, I took them to the Toy Shop to pick out a toy each. Silly little Cameron wasn’t very bothered about all of the toys surrounding him, he just jumped straight into a big box and curled up into a ball – little sleepy head!


Now they’re both snoring away happily. I’ll have to introduce them to my other Sylvanians soon.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to bring the pups back to America…


2 thoughts on “Two little pups from America!

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