Spring Cleaning

As Francis Robinson awoke, she noticed there were more birds outside than usual, and they were all singing more beautifully than usual too…Of course! It was spring! How could she forget? She clambered out of bed straight away and rushed downstairs. Her mother, her father and her sister were all eating breakfast and chatting excitedly.

“Come on you sleepyhead! We’ve been up for hours!” Cali told her.

“Stop chatting girls. We have work to do! Cali, come with me down to the shop.”

“Ok daddy!” Cali replied.

Soon, Cali and Wilbur were down in the shop, and Wilbur had brought down a box of rags.

“Spring cleaning time!” Wilbur said excitedly.


They cleaned every nook and cranny, Cali even polished a tomato!

“C’mon, we have to get it finished before tomorrow when we will have to open up again for the start of the week.” Wilbur warned while he was busily polishing the till.


Meanwhile, Frances and Fliss were upstairs cleaning the bedroom. Fliss was giving Frances a lesson on making a bed.


“First, you take both of the corners…” Fliss began.

“…Now you have a neat looking and pretty bed!” she concluded.

“If you could just hand me Cali’s pillow, that would be brilliant” she said.

“Errrrr…I can’t find it mother.”

“Let me have a look.”


They searched high and low, but the pillow could not be found. Frances went to ask her father if he had seen it, but this was what she came across before she had even got to her father:


“Awww! Shhh, don’t wake her, Frances.”


“I’ll just carry her upstairs,” Wilbur said quietly.

As he climbed up the ladder, Cali stirred but did not wake. He placed her carefully in her bed and pulled the covers right up over her to  make her nice and cosy.





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