Autumn and Winter

I haven’t posted in ages, so sorry for the delay. We’ve been moving house and it’s been my Birthday, plus I just started Secondary School so I really haven’t had the time recently.

Yes I have moved house, and my Sylvanian feel very at home, just look at the view they get out my bedroom window…


I’m not sure they enjoyed being packed away, but it was worth it when we got to our new house. They looked so cute, I just had to take a pic! I didn’t know I had so much furniture either, it filled a whole shoebox.

IMG_00000231 IMG_00000232 IMG_00000229

I have also been hard at work ensuring that my mini Sylvania is all ready for Halloween. I drew some teeny cute little decorations on paper and cut them out. My village looked quite spooky!


The ghosts were extremely simple but wonderfully effective too.

I got a few Sylvanian for my birthday too. It’s always great after the initial birthday excitement when it’s all over, and then I receive a special Collectors Club renewal gift in the post!


Watch this space because my village will soon be a wintry wonderland….


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