Monthly Archives: July 2015

Daisy’s Schoolbag

Hello readers! My name is Daisy the bunny, and my mummy let me do a post today. I want to show you what is in my bag for school. I have this trendy backpack from Build a Bear. It’s all sparkly and cute!


I don’t have too much in there. If I did, it would be hard for me to carry because I’m just a little bunny! I need stationary to write and draw. Colourful pencils, check, funky ruler, check…


I don’t know if we’re allowed music players, but I have one anyway. Hehe!


So when my bag is packed, I got to school with mummy. Off I go…


Hope to post again soon! Bunny hugs,

Daisy x

P.S mummy says sorry about the bad quality photos. She took them on her tablet.


Summer Craft: Minion bookmark

Yo peeps! Today I am going to be showing you how to make a cute minion bookmark.

For this craft, you will need:

A minion clothes tag

Pretty ribbon


It’s pretty easy, and if you want to use a tag with a different character or pattern you can.  So, here is my tag:


I love minions! Anyway, once you have your supplies, get your ribbon and thread it through the little hole at the top.


Tie it in a bow and pop it into your book!


I’m always scrabbling around looking for bookmarks when packing for my holidays. This one is going to come in really handy!

Did it work for you, Stuart?



See ya


P.S The minion in the last picture is the Stuart from Build a Bear. I need to get him a little pair of dungarees from BAB, because currently he is naked 😀