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Noises in the night

Happy Halloween, my little grinnng pumpkins! Here is a spooktacular story for you all to enjoy. Unfortuately I wasn’t able to add pictures, so you’ll have to use your imaginations today…And I’m sure your imaginations will be running wild on this scary Halloween evening! Now, let’s begin…

‘Twas a dark and stormy night in the village of Sylvania. The window panes shook violently in their frames, and the fog circled the quaint little cottages. The children had done their tricking and treating, and were now tucked up in their lovely beds. One of those children happened to be Frances Robinson, and she could not sleep. Something was bothering her…

There was an eerie sound coming from outside, and she decided to investigate. She wrapped her scarf round herself and crept as quietly as she could down the steps. Creakkk!

‘Oh no! Why does there always have to be one creaky floorboard?’ she whispered to herself.

Her brother, Finley sat up, looking at her suspiciously.

‘Hey, where are you going?’ he asked.

‘Oh, nowhere. Just feeling a little bit faint, need some fresh air…’ she lied hurrying away.

‘No sis. I know you’re up to something. Tell me, come on. Spill the beans!’

‘Uhhhhh, ok. I’m going outside to see what is making that annoying noise.’

‘Annoying noise? Me can’t hear noise’ said Cali, the youngest sibling. It seemed that in an effort to go on a secret mission, Frances had accidentally disturbed everyone in the bedroom.

‘She’s going on an adventure, and I’m coming too!’ Finley cried.

‘Yay! I love adventures!’ Cali squealed. So that’s how the secret mission became a family trip, with the three siblings marching down to investigate further.

‘Oh look!’ cried Frances. When Finley and Cali came out, they saw that bats were flying around. They were black and spooky looking as they flew through the fog. None of the children knew that bats made that kind of noise, and they were captivated. They sat there for hours looking up at their new friends, and Frances thought how this was the most wonderful halloween she could remember!

Well folks, that’s the end of another story, and another Halloween. Next stop, Bonfire night!

Olivia x


Collector’s club changes

As many of you will already know, the Sylvanian Families Collector’s club is now being run by a different bunch of people, and I’m not exactly sure if I like the changes…

I’ll be honest, I liked the old magazine better. And the free gift you get now when you join is cute, but I think the old ones were better value. With my last magazine the letter came to say that my subscription has ended. I don’t think that I will be rejoining, but I’ll certainly have one last crack at the halloween colouring competition!

What do you think of the new magazine and website? Tell me in the comments.

Olivia x

It’s been a while, friends…

Hey guys! It has indeed been quite a long time since I last posted on here. I’ve started another blog, so I’ve basically spent all my time making sure that one is all lovely and pretty.

Also, I started school again in September. Plenty of homework for me – yayyyyyy (not). My Sylvanian village needs dusting, and that’s never a good sign! Lots of other stuff has made its way over to the top of my drawers, like pens and lip balms and notebooks… I really do need to have a clearout some time soon.

Anyways, I’ve ran out of things to talk about. See ya next time!