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2015 highlights

Hellooooo! It’s nearly 2016 here in the UK, only three and a half hours to go. This evening, I thought, ‘why don’t we have a little look back over the past year?’ So here we go……


There were some new faces.



I got runner up in the Sylvanian Collector’s club colouring competition.Yay! But I won the red panda family, so now I have two! Lol 🙂 The collector’s club also changed, and I am no longer a member 😦


In summer, Sienna joined the family.


We were crafting with Stuart the minion (I love that guy!)


…And it all ended with a wonderful Christmas!

The Sylvanians, the bears and the dolls are all very excited about the new year. There will be new Sylvanian products, and many more trips to Build a Bear Workshop. And I am super excited about the launch of American Girl ‘Lea Clark’ tomorrow (I think that her mini doll looks really cute!) I live in the UK and have never been to an AG store, so I will probably just watch videos of her launch on the youtube! 🙂

So, see you next year…..



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Christmas Decorations 2015

I love Christmas, and I am very sad that this year’s fesive period is nearing an end. 😦 Today I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite decorations in our house this year…


First, we have a cute little nativity scene. The angel on the top usually falls off, I was quite pleased that I managed to balance her up there long enough to take a good photo!


Next, we have our sparkly mini Christmas tree in the kitchen. I made the angel on top, it was from a book of cut out Christmas decorations.


We have loads of wreaths in our house (too many), but this is my favourite one. It is made out of fabric and it has ribbns and buttons attatched to it. Snazzy!


And here it is, the Christmas tree! We don’t have a specific colour theme, we like to just put random ornaments and decorations on it. I kind of cut off the angel in this pic! Oops!

Those are some of my personal favourites, but we have lots more. What are your favourite deccorations?

Two years of blogging!

As you will know from the title of this post, my blog has just turned 2 years old! Everyone is celebrating…

blog edited picture

Mrs Robinson is having a celebratory drink of wine… Village Store’s finest of course!


Here is a face that some of you may not recognise. It’s Sienna the Our Generation doll. She loves the Sylanians too! One day she dreams of going to an American Girl store and picking out some beautiful outfits and accessories….Maybe for this blog’s next birthday? She is super excited about the launch of Girl of the Year 2016! 🙂


Sleep tight Sienna. And Happy Birthday Olivia’s Sylvanian Stuff…


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