2015 highlights

Hellooooo! It’s nearly 2016 here in the UK, only three and a half hours to go. This evening, I thought, ‘why don’t we have a little look back over the past year?’ So here we go……


There were some new faces.



I got runner up in the Sylvanian Collector’s club colouring competition.Yay! But I won the red panda family, so now I have two! Lol 🙂 The collector’s club also changed, and I am no longer a member 😦


In summer, Sienna joined the family.


We were crafting with Stuart the minion (I love that guy!)


…And it all ended with a wonderful Christmas!

The Sylvanians, the bears and the dolls are all very excited about the new year. There will be new Sylvanian products, and many more trips to Build a Bear Workshop. And I am super excited about the launch of American Girl ‘Lea Clark’ tomorrow (I think that her mini doll looks really cute!) I live in the UK and have never been to an AG store, so I will probably just watch videos of her launch on the youtube! 🙂

So, see you next year…..



sign off


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