Handmade Sylvanian house

Happy Saturday friends! Today, I have made another Sylvanian house out of an old box left over from Christmas. I did make a little cottage a while back, but this one is much bigger. I forgot to take before photos, so you’ll only see after photos…


The Beaufort  polar bears might not be living there, I’ve just used them for the photos. It is very spacious as you can see in the picture, but I have two problems:

  1. I don’t have enough space in my bedroom for it
  2. I don’t have enough furniture to furnish it, everything in the picture has been pinched from the other houses!

By the way, the piano at the back by the beds was handmade. I got the paper and the instructions from an origami book, it looks really cute and is perfectly Sylvanian-sized!

Here is what part of the exterior looks like:


It has that same stripy paper on all of the outside walls. On the wall above, I have drawn on some roses and it makes it look really sweet. That is the only decoration I have put on, but I will probably add more.

I am very proud of it, and I hope you like it too!


sign off


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