Rainy day at the orphanage

One cold, rainy day at the orphanage the children had just had lunch when Mrs Buttercup made an announcement.

‘Children, there will be no outdoor playtime today due to the horrid weather. Instead we will make some music here in the warmth.’

They cleared away their plates and food, and they took out the instruments. Mrs Buttercup went over to her piano and pulled out the chair. She plonked herself down, and began to play. The little ones gathered round with their instruments.


‘That’s it, children’ said Mrs Buttercup with a smile. Gerard was thoroughly enjoying himself on his mini keyboard, while Albie was banging on his drum. The older children came to join them.

‘Now children, I have been teaching Lola to play the piano. How about you give us a demonstration?’ Mrs Buttercup asked.


‘Yay!’ shouted Lola’s best friend Jessica. Lola was able to play her song with no mistakes at all, and the little ones admired her talent. She was a natural when it came to music!

‘Can we do a game now?’ asked Gerard.

‘Of course! Who wants to join us?’ asked Mrs Buttercup. All of the children put their hands up, and so they all stood in a circle and played ‘duck, duck, goose’.


The end!

So, I think I have decided that the ‘house’ I made yesterday is actually going to be Bluebell village’s orphanage. I will probably add a bit more decoration, and a sign that says ‘orphanage’ to make it official.


sign off



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