Unseen holiday photos

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share with you some pics of my holidays over the years. They have never been seen before on this blog, so take a look…


Reading the summer issue of the Collector’s Club magazine in the caravan.


This was going to be my entry for a competition, but I didn’t email it in time! So yeah, the Buttercup family are just chilling on a bucket and spade, with some food…(random!)

caldey edited pic 1

caldey edited pic 3

This is Caldey Island, it is so cool! It is a monastic island off the coast of Tenby in South Wales. The picture above is the monastery, where the monks live.

caldey edited pic 2

This is a picture of Melody on Caldey Island. I won her in the arcade at the holiday park we were staying in. She is such a cute little doll, same size as my Sylvanians!

Hope you enjoyed the post! 🙂


sign off


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