Book Club: week 1

The children sat around the room, chattering excitedly. Mrs Robinson hushed them, and then spoke…

‘Hello children! Welcome to the first meeting of Bluebell village book club!’ Mrs Robinson said excitedly ‘So, this week, we read ‘The Hunger Games’. What did everyone think?’


‘Well,’ began Jessica Buckley, ‘I thought it was very good, but it is definitely better for older readers. There is quite a lot of violence!’

The group nodded in agreement.


‘What do you think, Lola?’

‘I really enjoyed this book, it was soooo good! I am now a huge Hunger Games fan! Katniss is just  like me, we’re both really brave.’

‘Well, I actually didn’t think it was too great,’ Frances Robinson said much to the group’s surprise ‘It isn’t really my thing, I wouldn’t normally choose to read it. Plus I thought it was really depressing, and I like happy books!’

‘Well, everyone has their own opinion’ Mrs Robinson said ‘so, here is your next book, I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and I won’t forget the snacks next time!’


Hope you liked it. 😉 You will have to wait until next week to see what they are reading….







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