Part 1: The News

Frances was busy doing  her homework at the table, when her parents came and sat down.


“Frances, we have something to tell you” began her mother, “you are going away to boarding school!” Frances gasped, it was a lot to take in. Would her new school be old and strict, or modern and funky?

That night, she was upstairs in bed reading a book.

“Frances, are you going to a faraway school?” her little sister Cali asked.


“Yes, this is what it looks like” replied Frances, and she held up a leaflet.

“Wow! It’s really big!” exclaimed Cali.

“I am going in two weeks.” Frances began to think about what she would pack to take with her.


The next day at school, Frances told her best friend what was happening.

“Oh no! Who am I going to disect frogs with in science?” Lola asked.


“You’ll just have to find another partner in science. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad about leaving” Frances said, feeling conflicted.


Yay for a new photostory! Look out for part 2 which is coming soon. By the way, this isn’t actually happening in my village, it’s just a story for my blog. 🙂 Don’t worry, Frances still lives in Bluebell village!


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