Titanic Sylvanian style: Part 2

Suddenly, the ropes holding the lifeboat broke. Screaming women and children fell into the ocean.


Eliza could feel her whole body going numb with the cold. She was drifting away…

The next thing she knew, she was on the deck of another ship. There were people everywhere. A maid in a black and white uniform rushed over to her.


“It’s okay, you’re safe now. You were picked out of the ocean after the Titanic went down – you’re very lucky to be alive! This is the Carpathia.” the maid explained. She gave Eliza a mug full of warmth and told her to drink.

The Carpathia. This seemed like a safe ship. She had barely any memories from those last few moments aboard the Titianic. Now she was resting at the bottom of the ocean, she had proved to everyone that she was sinkable.

Where was the rest of her family now?


When I told you that part 2 was coming soon, I meant it! Hope you enjoyed the two part story.

RIP Titanic victims.

sign off


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