Gerard gets a new home

Hello everyone! As you have probably noticed, I haven’t bought any new Sylvanians for a while. What I am currently doing in my village is trying to make my current families larger through adoption….

Mr Mrs Buttercup opened the door and stepped into the warmth of the orphanage. There were children playing and laughing all around them.


“Hmmmm, dear, which child would you like?” Mr Buttercup asked.

“Well, I would quite like a little baby or toddler.” replied Mrs Buttercup.

“This pup looks like a fine little man!” Mr Buttercup said.

Gerard looked up at them.

“Awwww, yes I think we’ll have him.”


Gerard ran up to his new parents and gave his mum a big hug. They held onto his weeny little paws and walked home….


So, Gerard is now Gerard Buttercup! Yay 🙂


sign off


6 thoughts on “Gerard gets a new home

  1. Nina

    The cows adopting a pup is so adorable!!! :))) I love this. The fact that they didn’t insist on adopting a cow baby makes me like them a lot. And I like how Mr Buttercup says about Gerard that he “looks like a fine little man”! :))

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