Q&A with Olivia

Hello everyone! Thank you for your questions that you asked me, I am super excited to do this post!

QandA lgo

Let’s begin….

What is you favorite flavor of cake and frosting?

Well, I don’t really eat that much cake frosting, but I would have to say vanilla.

What’s the first toy you ever had?

Not sure, but it was probably a stuffed toy when I was a baby.

Favorite blog?

Hmmm…Well, I follow 69 blogs…..Probably The Dolls of Texas and Zoes Sylvanians

Do you have any pets?

No 😦

What is your opinion on ice cream?

Ice cream? Ice cream? Well, you know…

I LOVE ICE CREAM! (I scream)

What inspired you to start your blog?

Lily’s Sylvanian Families Blog

Least favorite food?


What’s your favorite part about blogging?

My favourite part of blogging is going onto the ‘stats’ page and seeing when you have had more views, likes, comments and follows.

Your favorite thing to collect (even though that may be obvious) 😀

Sylvanians, Build a Bears and lip balms. Do books count? Because if they do, I definitely collect books! 🙂

What your favorite animal is

Red Panda (that’s why I bought the red panda family!)

Whether you’re a girly girl, a tom girl, or a little of both

I am definitely a girly girl

And tell us your general personality!

Well, I am very quiet. I am also creative, artistic and academic (I am in all the top sets at school)

Sorry if it sounded like I was being a bit full of myself there!



sign off




9 thoughts on “Q&A with Olivia

      1. Sunny

        Oh, that’s totally fine!
        Alright, then, here goes: How did you become interested in Sylvanian families?
        P.S. We have Sylvanian-type figures over here that look almost exactly (or maybe exactly, I’m not sure) except they’re called Calico Critters and Li’l Woodzeez. I saw some in the store last week and they are ADORABLE!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Olivia Post author

        I became interested in Sylanians after I got the cottage and the grey rabbit family for Christmas one year. My collection gradually grew after that 🙂 And yes, they are are the same as Calico Critters (I have the Calico Critters border collie twins).


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