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AAWC Challenge Four

Hello everyone! I’m back! Sorry for not posting in ages, sometimes you just feel like you need a break from everything. Today I am going to do the next AAWC challenge. The prompt was ‘bright‘. I included Pegasus, the team name. I must warn you though, it’s a bit abstract.


I lifted my head and the bright light hit, blinding me. I stood up, straightened out my body. I was aching from being curled up in a ball for so long. I pirouetted, and then the steps seemed to come easily. I was remembering how to dance, how to make myself feel happy and how to get away from my troubles. I was beaming now as I moved gracefully across the floor. My movements were fluid and full of feeling. I was putting everything into my performance. The dance came to an end and I turned to see my beautiful Pegasus.

“What a wonderful display,” he said, and we both smiled.



Hello everyone! I have braces on now, I got them on Tuesday, but that was only on the bottom teeth. Next Tuesday I am having them put on the top teeth.

Sorry for not posting much, but there is lots to come. I have to do the next BIBPC challenge, and I have also been nominated for the Quote Of The Day challenge. 🙂


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AAWC Challenge Three

Hello everyone! I am here today with my third entry for Misty’s comp. Enjoy!





I held onto my little sister as tight as I could, as the icy water surrounded us. Hundreds were already dead, and there was no sign of the German submarine that had torpedoed our ship. I couldn’t cry. I could only watch as the beautiful ocean liner RMS Lusitania went down at an alarming speed. The Titanic had taken around 3 hours to sink, but our Lusy wasn’t hanging around. When the torpedoes hit there were huge holes in the side of her, and great fires raging below her decks – she didn’t stand a chance. She was broken.

I became worried as my sister Sally stopped moving. I looked desperately for signs of life, I checked her pulse and thrashed around with her in the water in the hope that I could rouse her. Then everything went blurry as the cold began to take over.

Faraway voices called:

“These two ‘ere, they’re breathing!”

“Haul ’em in then, don’t hang about!”

Then my mind and vision went dark.

I was woken, and I sat up. I could tell that we were back on land, because there was the sound of people talking all around me. The birds were land birds, the sky was kind – unlike the sky at sea, which was cruel just like the water below it. Then I saw… My sister lying a few metres away, but breathing steadily. There was no colour in her cheeks. She had always been pale, but never as pale as this. But she was breathing.

I realised as I knelt beside her, that she was broken – just like our Lusy.




I hope you thought it was ok, and I’m sorry that all of my AAWC stories turn out to be about ships! People say that it is easiest to write about what you like/enjoy, and I LOVE ships, so I find it really easy to write good stories involving ships. 🙂


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Flashback time!

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be doing a little bit of a flashback…

Lighting fail:



This was just after I bought Cedar Terrace, I didn’t even have the cow family at this point.


We had a huge celebration for Coral Babblebrook’s birthday. This post also included some terrible lighting:




I showed you what could quite possibly be the easiest craft in the entire world:



More terrible lighting, I didn’t use these photos in a post:



So as you can see I m not the best photographer, but I have got slightly better in my 3 years of blogging. I fell like I should have called this post ‘Lighting Fails!’ I hope you enjoyed this post!


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A Very Important Day

At 2.20am on April 15th 1912, RMS Titianic slipped beneath the waves of the ocean taking many people with her. People had evacuated in lifeboats, and at around 4.00am the Carpathia reached the site of the disaster and started to pick up survivors.

News had reached New York, and initial reports stated that the Titanic was damaged but would return to New York as planned. Later on, the news came through that the Titanic had sunk causing over 1,500 people to lose their lives.

All of this happened 104 years ago today.

RIP Titanic victims.

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BIBPC First Category

Hello everyone! Yes, I am doing another competition/challenge, Megan’s Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest! This week’s category was:





Little things

So, this is my entry:


Too cute! I actually took this one a while back, it was in one of my older posts, and I got some little Daisies from our garden and put it in a Sylvanian pencil pot.

By the way, tomorrow is a VERY important day, you will find out more tomorrow because there will be a special post…


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Sims: Twin girls and weirdest glitch!

Hello everyone! Today I have been playing my favourite video game: Sims 3! Lots of exciting things have happened in the town.

One of my characters has just had baby twins! They are called Cara and Louise Treals.


This is the whole family:


Also, there was a really strange glitch which made it look like the babysitter was floating.


I think he was meant to be going down the slide. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, does anyone else play Sims?


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AAWC Challenge Two

Hello everyone! Today I am here with the next Aspiring Authors Writing Challenge story. This week, the prompt was ‘photograph’. Enjoy!


2016, London, England

I handled the photograph delicately, not wanting to ruin it. I turned it round and studied it again… A man in a posh-looking suit with a moustache was glaring back at me. He was standing next to a tall lady with a long dress that went all the way down to the floor. She was also wearing an extravagant hat which looked far too big for her head. The woman was holding the hands of two little children, both were smartly dressed and looking straight at the camera with a blank expression. However, it was the background of the picture that I was interested in. Behind the family was a huge ship, it looked a bit like the Titanic, but the back of the photograph read: ‘Boarding the RMS Olympic, 1911’. It was Titanic’s sister ship…

1911, Southampton, England

I desperately pushed through the crowds, and then I suddenly spotted my mother and father through the masses of people.

“Mother! Father!” I called.

“Elizabeth, you missed the family photo!” my mother complained.

“Oh, sorry mother, I did run but the car was too far away for me to get back in time.” I explained.

“Elizabeth, you ran? How many times have I told you that running is unladylike? You could have ruined your best dress!” scolded mother.

My mother was suddenly distracted by a plump woman who had come over and started talking to her in a rather loud voice.

“This ship, fabulous she is, one of the largest and fastest in the world!” she said delightedly.

Ivy our governess had arrived, and with my parents’ perission she took hold of my brother and my sister and we were escorted up the gangplank to the first class areas on the ship. I had never before seen such luxury, the carpets were a deep crimson colour, the walls were covered in the most beautiful wallpaper. The people around us were some of the wealthiest in the world, they waltzed around the place as if they were the best. Among them was the odd girl dressed in black and white, with a cap and apron and following their mistress or master’s orders. I wondered if Alice (our mother’s maid) was coming too. She was great fun!

“Ivy, hurry up and get the children ready, I want us all to be up on deck when we leave Southapton.” mother commanded.

“Yes Miss.” Ivy nodded.

There we were as the ship cast off, waving until our arms ached. As I watched the gap between the ship and the docks become wider and wider, I wondered if I really did want to leave England…



So it doesn’t really have a plot, it’s just random. I hope you liked it though!


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More competitions and banana bread verdict

Hello everyone! I am here today with some lovely updates for you all.

First off, I am entering another contest, Megan’s BIBPC Grand Sequel! There is still plenty of time if you would like to enter, but at the moment her post has over 150 coments, so you might not get onto the team that you want. I will be posting lots more pictures, and where it is possible I will try and put my Sylvanians in the picture.

I eat some of our banana bread and it was really nice. The Sylvanians were jealous because they couldn’t have any, so they just had  to watch me while I was eating it! 🙂 Ha ha!


Also, I was looking at the ‘Reader’ section on WordPress… Is it weird to follow 98 blogs? Comment telling me how many blogs you follow (because I’m really nosy 🙂 ). Don’t forget about my other blog too:

Lastly, I am thinking of starting a new story. Please tell me what you would like!



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Cooking with Crystal Babblebrook

Hello everyone! Today’s post comes to you from the kitchen where a host of chefs (Olivia, her brother, her mum and Crystal Babblebrook) are about to bake a wonderful loaf of banana bread.

Let’s see how things are getting on at Crystal’s table….


Meawhile at the human area…


Our mixture looks… Interesting?


A few hours later, Mrs. Babblebrook’s loaf is cooked and ready to eat. All the Sylvanians in the village will want a bite!

And here’s ours:


Ooooh, looks tasty! I hope you enjoyed this post, it is definitely not like any other post I have ever done! Comment if you would like more posts like this in the future.


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