AAWC Challenge One

Hello everyone! Here is my entry for Misty’s writing competition. Enjoy! (I have included Pegasus, the team name.)



Maisie and me were always together, always the same. Wherever she went, I went. Whatever I did, she did too. It was like having a constant reflection. I never wanted anything to happen, I didn’t want the imaginary mirror to shatter and for us to fall apart. I didn’t want to forget all our happy memories but now it was more painful than ever to remember. Early in the morning when we were little, we used to wake each other up and play with our teddies. Mr. Pegasus would go flying above the bed covers and soaring through the skies. Doreen the Dinosaur would stomp along the duvet. We would play imaginary games all morning until mum came, telling us to get ready for school.

The time passes quickly, and now I sometimes think about how I had always taken Maisie for granted. I loved her so much, especially in the first few days of nursery school. I had a reflection that none of the other kids had. She was always there to hold my hand; and in return I would hold hers. We helped each other through life. Until one day Maisie was gone.

“Daisy, I’m so sorry!”

“Ohhhh, you poor little thing!”

“How will you cope?”

That was what I heard after that Sunday. The terrible Sunday. Every day, I hike up to the spot where it happened. I kneel down in the soft, brown mud by the river. I lean over as far as I dare, and look at my own reflection. I remember my real reflection, Maisie. She will never come back.




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