More competitions and banana bread verdict

Hello everyone! I am here today with some lovely updates for you all.

First off, I am entering another contest, Megan’s BIBPC Grand Sequel! There is still plenty of time if you would like to enter, but at the moment her post has over 150 coments, so you might not get onto the team that you want. I will be posting lots more pictures, and where it is possible I will try and put my Sylvanians in the picture.

I eat some of our banana bread and it was really nice. The Sylvanians were jealous because they couldn’t have any, so they just had  to watch me while I was eating it! 🙂 Ha ha!


Also, I was looking at the ‘Reader’ section on WordPress… Is it weird to follow 98 blogs? Comment telling me how many blogs you follow (because I’m really nosy 🙂 ). Don’t forget about my other blog too:

Lastly, I am thinking of starting a new story. Please tell me what you would like!



sign off






12 thoughts on “More competitions and banana bread verdict

  1. maplelea

    I don’t think it’s weird at all to follow 98 blogs. All it means is that you’ll never be bored because you’ll get alerts about people posting all the time! It escapes me at the moment how many blogs I follow, but yours is one of them!

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