AAWC Challenge Two

Hello everyone! Today I am here with the next Aspiring Authors Writing Challenge story. This week, the prompt was ‘photograph’. Enjoy!


2016, London, England

I handled the photograph delicately, not wanting to ruin it. I turned it round and studied it again… A man in a posh-looking suit with a moustache was glaring back at me. He was standing next to a tall lady with a long dress that went all the way down to the floor. She was also wearing an extravagant hat which looked far too big for her head. The woman was holding the hands of two little children, both were smartly dressed and looking straight at the camera with a blank expression. However, it was the background of the picture that I was interested in. Behind the family was a huge ship, it looked a bit like the Titanic, but the back of the photograph read: ‘Boarding the RMS Olympic, 1911’. It was Titanic’s sister ship…

1911, Southampton, England

I desperately pushed through the crowds, and then I suddenly spotted my mother and father through the masses of people.

“Mother! Father!” I called.

“Elizabeth, you missed the family photo!” my mother complained.

“Oh, sorry mother, I did run but the car was too far away for me to get back in time.” I explained.

“Elizabeth, you ran? How many times have I told you that running is unladylike? You could have ruined your best dress!” scolded mother.

My mother was suddenly distracted by a plump woman who had come over and started talking to her in a rather loud voice.

“This ship, fabulous she is, one of the largest and fastest in the world!” she said delightedly.

Ivy our governess had arrived, and with my parents’ perission she took hold of my brother and my sister and we were escorted up the gangplank to the first class areas on the ship. I had never before seen such luxury, the carpets were a deep crimson colour, the walls were covered in the most beautiful wallpaper. The people around us were some of the wealthiest in the world, they waltzed around the place as if they were the best. Among them was the odd girl dressed in black and white, with a cap and apron and following their mistress or master’s orders. I wondered if Alice (our mother’s maid) was coming too. She was great fun!

“Ivy, hurry up and get the children ready, I want us all to be up on deck when we leave Southapton.” mother commanded.

“Yes Miss.” Ivy nodded.

There we were as the ship cast off, waving until our arms ached. As I watched the gap between the ship and the docks become wider and wider, I wondered if I really did want to leave England…



So it doesn’t really have a plot, it’s just random. I hope you liked it though!


sign off





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