A Very Important Day

At 2.20am on April 15th 1912, RMS Titianic slipped beneath the waves of the ocean taking many people with her. People had evacuated in lifeboats, and at around 4.00am the Carpathia reached the site of the disaster and started to pick up survivors.

News had reached New York, and initial reports stated that the Titanic was damaged but would return to New York as planned. Later on, the news came through that the Titanic had sunk causing over 1,500 people to lose their lives.

All of this happened 104 years ago today.

RIP Titanic victims.

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10 thoughts on “A Very Important Day

  1. Lily

    Thank you for commemorating the victims, Olivia. The world has had (and continues to have) too many casualties…RIP.
    I’m born on April 15! Just saying…XD

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  2. Sunny

    My great-great-great aunt or something like that was on the Titanic when it started to sink and survived! She isn’t living anymore though, so I never got to meet her. 😦 But my mom did, when she was a girl.

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