AAWC Challenge Three

Hello everyone! I am here today with my third entry for Misty’s comp. Enjoy!





I held onto my little sister as tight as I could, as the icy water surrounded us. Hundreds were already dead, and there was no sign of the German submarine that had torpedoed our ship. I couldn’t cry. I could only watch as the beautiful ocean liner RMS Lusitania went down at an alarming speed. The Titanic had taken around 3 hours to sink, but our Lusy wasn’t hanging around. When the torpedoes hit there were huge holes in the side of her, and great fires raging below her decks – she didn’t stand a chance. She was broken.

I became worried as my sister Sally stopped moving. I looked desperately for signs of life, I checked her pulse and thrashed around with her in the water in the hope that I could rouse her. Then everything went blurry as the cold began to take over.

Faraway voices called:

“These two ‘ere, they’re breathing!”

“Haul ’em in then, don’t hang about!”

Then my mind and vision went dark.

I was woken, and I sat up. I could tell that we were back on land, because there was the sound of people talking all around me. The birds were land birds, the sky was kind – unlike the sky at sea, which was cruel just like the water below it. Then I saw… My sister lying a few metres away, but breathing steadily. There was no colour in her cheeks. She had always been pale, but never as pale as this. But she was breathing.

I realised as I knelt beside her, that she was broken – just like our Lusy.




I hope you thought it was ok, and I’m sorry that all of my AAWC stories turn out to be about ships! People say that it is easiest to write about what you like/enjoy, and I LOVE ships, so I find it really easy to write good stories involving ships. πŸ™‚


sign off



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