AAWC Challenge Four

Hello everyone! I’m back! Sorry for not posting in ages, sometimes you just feel like you need a break from everything. Today I am going to do the next AAWC challenge. The prompt was ‘bright‘. I included Pegasus, the team name. I must warn you though, it’s a bit abstract.


I lifted my head and the bright light hit, blinding me. I stood up, straightened out my body. I was aching from being curled up in a ball for so long. I pirouetted, and then the steps seemed to come easily. I was remembering how to dance, how to make myself feel happy and how to get away from my troubles. I was beaming now as I moved gracefully across the floor. My movements were fluid and full of feeling. I was putting everything into my performance. The dance came to an end and I turned to see my beautiful Pegasus.

“What a wonderful display,” he said, and we both smiled.


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