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September Family Pictures

Hello everyone! Welcome to another post, this time I’ll be showing you some lovely pictures (again!) I did a family photoshoot outside in the garden a few weeks ago:


The Robinson red pandas.


The Dante cats.


The Beaufort polar bears (there are some missing).

I don’t have a picture of the cow family for some reason, I think I just forgot about them! 😛 I hope that you liked this post…


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Another unseen (but adorable) picture

Hello everyone! I’m here today with a random photo to show you. I think I took it a few years ago on my dad’s phone, but I had forgotten all about it until yesterday.


It’s Rhianna Chocolate and Verity Beaufort enjoying a hot beverage with me in a coffee shop. (I didn’t mean for my arm to be in the shot by the way.) …And that hot chocolate looks so nice! 🙂


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