Under The Shining Leaves

Hello everyone! I told you there was a photostory coming… 🙂

It was late on a Sunday evening in Bluebell Village. The light was beginning to fade, and most of the children were getting ready for bed. All was quiet in the Beaufort household, until…

“Verity! The homework!” Valentine suddenly shouted.

“Homework?! We didn’t have any homework to do.” she replied, feeling very confused.

“Oh yes we did! We had to find a tree in the woods and then study it. I haven’t done a single bit, not even one word!” Valentine was beginning to panic. What would his teacher think if he went to school with no homework?

“Come on, I have a plan! Follow me, but be quiet.” They tiptoed through the house together. Verity went into the kitchen and picked up a bunch of bananas so that they could have them as a snack. She also got a notepad and a pencil to write with.


“Can’t you carry something Valentine?” sighed Verity as she walked down the road balancing their belongings on her head.

“Let’s go to the magic tree!” Valentine said.

They walked and walked until their tiny legs were aching. Eventually they reached the tree and Verity sat down. She whipped out the notepad and started to write. At the top of the page Verity wrote in her neatest handwriting: ‘Under The Shining Leaves’.


“I’m going to climb it!” Valentine shouted to his sister

“Oh Valentine, you always want to show off and you think that you’re the best at everything.”

“No I don’t!” he shouted “I bet that you wouldn’t be able to climb this huge tree, you’re just a girl!” Verity felt anger building up inside her.

“Actually, girls can do anything that boys can do.”

“Huh. Yeah right.” Valentine began to scale the trunk of the tree. He climbed further and further until Verity felt dizzy when she looked up at him.


Verity tried to concentrate on her writing, but it was hard to do when her brother was shouting at her from high up in the branches.

“Look at me! I would like to see you climb this high!” he laughed.

Suddenly, Valentine lost his balance and slipped when he wasn’t concentrating. He was dangling from the tree, clinging to a thin branch.


“Aaaaah! Verity help me!” he screamed. Verity ran over to the tree and tried to stand directly under her brother. The darkness made it difficult for her to see up in the tree. There was a loud sound; a sound that was exactly like a branch snapping. Valentine was falling towards the ground and screaming. He thought for a second that it might be the end…

Verity collapsed to the ground as her Valentine landed in her arms.


“Thanks for breaking my fall little sister” Valentine said smiling.

I hope you liked it! There was a bit more drama than my usual photostories, but life in Bluebell Village isn’t always perfect. 😀


sign off


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