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A Little Bit Late…

Hello everyone! I know that here in the UK Rememberance day was on Friday 11th November, but I thought that I would do a quick post to remember all the soldiers who have fought for our country….


Here is Annabell and Paddock Buttercup showing their support.


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A Very Important Day

At 2.20am on April 15th 1912, RMS Titianic slipped beneath the waves of the ocean taking many people with her. People had evacuated in lifeboats, and at around 4.00am the Carpathia reached the site of the disaster and started to pick up survivors.

News had reached New York, and initial reports stated that the Titanic was damaged but would return to New York as planned. Later on, the news came through that the Titanic had sunk causing over 1,500 people to lose their lives.

All of this happened 104 years ago today.

RIP Titanic victims.

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Titanic Sylvanian style: Part 2

Suddenly, the ropes holding the lifeboat broke. Screaming women and children fell into the ocean.


Eliza could feel her whole body going numb with the cold. She was drifting away…

The next thing she knew, she was on the deck of another ship. There were people everywhere. A maid in a black and white uniform rushed over to her.


“It’s okay, you’re safe now. You were picked out of the ocean after the Titanic went down – you’re very lucky to be alive! This is the Carpathia.” the maid explained. She gave Eliza a mug full of warmth and told her to drink.

The Carpathia. This seemed like a safe ship. She had barely any memories from those last few moments aboard the Titianic. Now she was resting at the bottom of the ocean, she had proved to everyone that she was sinkable.

Where was the rest of her family now?


When I told you that part 2 was coming soon, I meant it! Hope you enjoyed the two part story.

RIP Titanic victims.

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Titanic Sylvanian Style: Part 1


Judy Babblebrook as Eliza

Richard Babblebrook as Edward


“Mother, may Edward and I go for a stroll on the promenade deck?” Eliza asked her mother

“But it’s the middle of the night!” her mother replied.

“I know, but we would like a bit of fresh air. This cabin is awfully stuffy!”

“Oh, alright then. As long as you keep yourselves safe, dears.”

Eliza rushed into the bedroom to tell Edward.

“Mother said we can go for a walk.” She opened her wardrobe and grabbed her thick coat. She pulled it over her shoulders and glanced through the porthole in their cabin. It looked chilly tonight…

Once they were up on deck, they found that it was surprisingly busy. There were children rushing around playing games of tag, and elderly couples strolling along. Eliza was right, it was terribly cold outside but it was also very refresing.


“Well, she is such a magnificent ship, everyone will likely be making the most of every second aboard. It’s not every day that you are sailing on the largest and grandest ship in the world!” Edward told Eliza.

Suddenly, there was a huge thud, and the ship jerked. Edward and Eliza, along with everyone else on the deck was looking around for the cause of it. They were shocked when a huge iceberg came into view. Everybody was rooted to the spot.

“What was that? Why have the engines stpped?” Eliza asked clinging to Richard’s arm.

“Don’t fret. She’s unsinkable.” Edward said in a calm voice.

However, in the moments that followed, the captain and the ship’s designer rushed past looking rather distressed.

“Although, we should probably stay here for a little while to see what’s going on. Just in case.” Edward instructed gently.

Eliza stared out to sea. Neither of the siblings spoke for the next few minutes. They jumped when a door behind them burst open, and a crew member rushed  out. He was carrying life jackets and there was a look of urgency on his face. He thrust a life jackets into Edward and Eliza’s arms.

“Put these on.”

He then ran over to the lifeboats and turned round to address the passengers that were near.

“The captain has given the order for everyone to abandon ship. Nothing to worry about, but I will only need women and children right now.”

Edward and Eliza exchanged worried looks

They knew that this was something to worry about.

“What about mother and the rest of them?” Eliza gabbled.


“Sssh. Don’t worry, you get into a boat and I’ll go and fetch them.” They hugged each other one last time. Then Edward ran away down the deck towards the first class stairs.

Eliza had no choice but to get into a lifeboat.


As the lifeboat was being lowered, it began to tilt dangerously….


Hope you liked it! Part 2 coming really soon…

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I haven’t seen these guys for a loooooong time…

Hello everyone! Today I found a box in my brother’s bedroom that hadn’t been opened since we moved house in October 2014. I took off the lid and peeped inside… And there were my old pals!

My Grandma is really good at knitting, and when I was little she used to knit loads of things for me and my brother.  I found some of them in the box today:


Pinky, Jeff, Emily, Bella, Bumble and Charlotte the little baby

Emily is quite a lot bigger than the rest of them! (By the way, Bumble is the little orange teddy bear.)

I never really played with Jeff or Bumble. Pinky, Emily, Charlotte and Bella are the original squad! I used to pretend that Bella, Charlotte and Emily were sisters who survived the Titanic (did I ever mention that I am slightly obsessed with Titanic?)

Comment if you want a photostory on the Titanic starring the sisters! 🙂


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War Horse

Hello everyone! I have the week off school because it is the half-term holidays, so today my mum and I decide to watch ‘War Horse’. Don’t worry, this post doesn’t contain spoilers! We have both read the book by Michael Morpurgo (which is amazing by the way), and so we were really looking forward to the film.

It definitely didn’t disappoint! It was full of action, and a LOT of sadness and death, but that was what World War 1 was like. I don’t know how I made it to the end without crying! I was thinking of posting ‘War Horse – Sylvanian style’, but it would be a bit too violent for their peaceful village…

…And I don’t have a Sylvanian Families horse!

So, what films do you love? Leave a comment…


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