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Under The Shining Leaves

Hello everyone! I told you there was a photostory coming… 🙂

It was late on a Sunday evening in Bluebell Village. The light was beginning to fade, and most of the children were getting ready for bed. All was quiet in the Beaufort household, until…

“Verity! The homework!” Valentine suddenly shouted.

“Homework?! We didn’t have any homework to do.” she replied, feeling very confused.

“Oh yes we did! We had to find a tree in the woods and then study it. I haven’t done a single bit, not even one word!” Valentine was beginning to panic. What would his teacher think if he went to school with no homework?

“Come on, I have a plan! Follow me, but be quiet.” They tiptoed through the house together. Verity went into the kitchen and picked up a bunch of bananas so that they could have them as a snack. She also got a notepad and a pencil to write with.


“Can’t you carry something Valentine?” sighed Verity as she walked down the road balancing their belongings on her head.

“Let’s go to the magic tree!” Valentine said.

They walked and walked until their tiny legs were aching. Eventually they reached the tree and Verity sat down. She whipped out the notepad and started to write. At the top of the page Verity wrote in her neatest handwriting: ‘Under The Shining Leaves’.


“I’m going to climb it!” Valentine shouted to his sister

“Oh Valentine, you always want to show off and you think that you’re the best at everything.”

“No I don’t!” he shouted “I bet that you wouldn’t be able to climb this huge tree, you’re just a girl!” Verity felt anger building up inside her.

“Actually, girls can do anything that boys can do.”

“Huh. Yeah right.” Valentine began to scale the trunk of the tree. He climbed further and further until Verity felt dizzy when she looked up at him.


Verity tried to concentrate on her writing, but it was hard to do when her brother was shouting at her from high up in the branches.

“Look at me! I would like to see you climb this high!” he laughed.

Suddenly, Valentine lost his balance and slipped when he wasn’t concentrating. He was dangling from the tree, clinging to a thin branch.


“Aaaaah! Verity help me!” he screamed. Verity ran over to the tree and tried to stand directly under her brother. The darkness made it difficult for her to see up in the tree. There was a loud sound; a sound that was exactly like a branch snapping. Valentine was falling towards the ground and screaming. He thought for a second that it might be the end…

Verity collapsed to the ground as her Valentine landed in her arms.


“Thanks for breaking my fall little sister” Valentine said smiling.

I hope you liked it! There was a bit more drama than my usual photostories, but life in Bluebell Village isn’t always perfect. 😀


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Annabell’s Chick

It was a bright and sunny morning in Bluebell Village, and Mrs Buttercup had gone outside to get the milk bottles from the doorstep. She saw her husband walking past… And she was surprised to see that he had six fluffy little chicks following him!


“Kids! Come and meet our new friends!” shouted Hornbull. The children came running downstairs and burst out of the front door.

“Wow dad! What are we going to do with them?” Paddock asked looking puzzled.

“Well, we are going to look after them, and then we will be able to have fresh eggs when they are older!” Hornbull replied. Daisy wasn’t so sure about her husband’s idea at first, but she was beginning to like the little bundles of fluff.


“Ooooh! This one likes me!” Annabell said as a little chick waddled up to her.


“Can he come up to my room?” she asked her parents. Mr and Mrs Buttercup looked uncertain.

“Well, I suppose so, but ONLY for one night.” her father told her. She picked up the little chick in her arms and brought him up the stairs carefully.

When she got to her bedroom, she plonked him down on the bed. Her brother looked on in surprise as she placed a hot mug of tea in front of the chick.


“Errrrr, I don’t think chicks drink tea.” he told his sister.

“Yes they do! Well, my one does.” she said defiantely.

“…And, by the way, his name is Bob.”


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Gerard gets a new home

Hello everyone! As you have probably noticed, I haven’t bought any new Sylvanians for a while. What I am currently doing in my village is trying to make my current families larger through adoption….

Mr Mrs Buttercup opened the door and stepped into the warmth of the orphanage. There were children playing and laughing all around them.


“Hmmmm, dear, which child would you like?” Mr Buttercup asked.

“Well, I would quite like a little baby or toddler.” replied Mrs Buttercup.

“This pup looks like a fine little man!” Mr Buttercup said.

Gerard looked up at them.

“Awwww, yes I think we’ll have him.”


Gerard ran up to his new parents and gave his mum a big hug. They held onto his weeny little paws and walked home….


So, Gerard is now Gerard Buttercup! Yay 🙂


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Frances in the Bluebell Woods

Hello everyone! Recently, Frances Robinson was out exploring when she came across a beautiful bluebell wood.

She skipped through the woods, while bluebells were brushing past her. The sunlight had started to peep through the trees and illuminate the carpet of vibrant blue. Up above in the treetops, birds sang happily and Frances loved the sound of their songs.


Do you want to know a secret?


The background is a picture in our living room, I just held Frances up in front of it!



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Titanic Sylvanian style: Part 2

Suddenly, the ropes holding the lifeboat broke. Screaming women and children fell into the ocean.


Eliza could feel her whole body going numb with the cold. She was drifting away…

The next thing she knew, she was on the deck of another ship. There were people everywhere. A maid in a black and white uniform rushed over to her.


“It’s okay, you’re safe now. You were picked out of the ocean after the Titanic went down – you’re very lucky to be alive! This is the Carpathia.” the maid explained. She gave Eliza a mug full of warmth and told her to drink.

The Carpathia. This seemed like a safe ship. She had barely any memories from those last few moments aboard the Titianic. Now she was resting at the bottom of the ocean, she had proved to everyone that she was sinkable.

Where was the rest of her family now?


When I told you that part 2 was coming soon, I meant it! Hope you enjoyed the two part story.

RIP Titanic victims.

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Titanic Sylvanian Style: Part 1


Judy Babblebrook as Eliza

Richard Babblebrook as Edward


“Mother, may Edward and I go for a stroll on the promenade deck?” Eliza asked her mother

“But it’s the middle of the night!” her mother replied.

“I know, but we would like a bit of fresh air. This cabin is awfully stuffy!”

“Oh, alright then. As long as you keep yourselves safe, dears.”

Eliza rushed into the bedroom to tell Edward.

“Mother said we can go for a walk.” She opened her wardrobe and grabbed her thick coat. She pulled it over her shoulders and glanced through the porthole in their cabin. It looked chilly tonight…

Once they were up on deck, they found that it was surprisingly busy. There were children rushing around playing games of tag, and elderly couples strolling along. Eliza was right, it was terribly cold outside but it was also very refresing.


“Well, she is such a magnificent ship, everyone will likely be making the most of every second aboard. It’s not every day that you are sailing on the largest and grandest ship in the world!” Edward told Eliza.

Suddenly, there was a huge thud, and the ship jerked. Edward and Eliza, along with everyone else on the deck was looking around for the cause of it. They were shocked when a huge iceberg came into view. Everybody was rooted to the spot.

“What was that? Why have the engines stpped?” Eliza asked clinging to Richard’s arm.

“Don’t fret. She’s unsinkable.” Edward said in a calm voice.

However, in the moments that followed, the captain and the ship’s designer rushed past looking rather distressed.

“Although, we should probably stay here for a little while to see what’s going on. Just in case.” Edward instructed gently.

Eliza stared out to sea. Neither of the siblings spoke for the next few minutes. They jumped when a door behind them burst open, and a crew member rushed  out. He was carrying life jackets and there was a look of urgency on his face. He thrust a life jackets into Edward and Eliza’s arms.

“Put these on.”

He then ran over to the lifeboats and turned round to address the passengers that were near.

“The captain has given the order for everyone to abandon ship. Nothing to worry about, but I will only need women and children right now.”

Edward and Eliza exchanged worried looks

They knew that this was something to worry about.

“What about mother and the rest of them?” Eliza gabbled.


“Sssh. Don’t worry, you get into a boat and I’ll go and fetch them.” They hugged each other one last time. Then Edward ran away down the deck towards the first class stairs.

Eliza had no choice but to get into a lifeboat.


As the lifeboat was being lowered, it began to tilt dangerously….


Hope you liked it! Part 2 coming really soon…

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Book Club: week 2

‘Good afternoon everyone!’ beamed Mrs Robinson ‘Welcome to another book club session! This week we read the first book in the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ series. What did everyone think?’


They started with Ron Barker ‘Well, I thought it was really good, definitely better than the Hunger Games.’

‘I loved it too!’ chipped in Alfie Robinson.

‘Well, I know you liked it because you wouldn’t put it down to eat your dinner!’ Mrs Robinson said to her son.

‘I thought it was a really creative way to engage kids, by using something that they could relate to’ said Jessica Buckley intelligently.

‘So, here is your next book. Have a nice week full of reading!’ said Mrs Robninson, and they all said goodbye and went home.


Hope you enjoyed it!





Part 1: The News

Frances was busy doing  her homework at the table, when her parents came and sat down.


“Frances, we have something to tell you” began her mother, “you are going away to boarding school!” Frances gasped, it was a lot to take in. Would her new school be old and strict, or modern and funky?

That night, she was upstairs in bed reading a book.

“Frances, are you going to a faraway school?” her little sister Cali asked.


“Yes, this is what it looks like” replied Frances, and she held up a leaflet.

“Wow! It’s really big!” exclaimed Cali.

“I am going in two weeks.” Frances began to think about what she would pack to take with her.


The next day at school, Frances told her best friend what was happening.

“Oh no! Who am I going to disect frogs with in science?” Lola asked.


“You’ll just have to find another partner in science. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad about leaving” Frances said, feeling conflicted.


Yay for a new photostory! Look out for part 2 which is coming soon. By the way, this isn’t actually happening in my village, it’s just a story for my blog. 🙂 Don’t worry, Frances still lives in Bluebell village!

Book Club: week 1

The children sat around the room, chattering excitedly. Mrs Robinson hushed them, and then spoke…

‘Hello children! Welcome to the first meeting of Bluebell village book club!’ Mrs Robinson said excitedly ‘So, this week, we read ‘The Hunger Games’. What did everyone think?’


‘Well,’ began Jessica Buckley, ‘I thought it was very good, but it is definitely better for older readers. There is quite a lot of violence!’

The group nodded in agreement.


‘What do you think, Lola?’

‘I really enjoyed this book, it was soooo good! I am now a huge Hunger Games fan! Katniss is just  like me, we’re both really brave.’

‘Well, I actually didn’t think it was too great,’ Frances Robinson said much to the group’s surprise ‘It isn’t really my thing, I wouldn’t normally choose to read it. Plus I thought it was really depressing, and I like happy books!’

‘Well, everyone has their own opinion’ Mrs Robinson said ‘so, here is your next book, I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and I won’t forget the snacks next time!’


Hope you liked it. 😉 You will have to wait until next week to see what they are reading….






Rainy day at the orphanage

One cold, rainy day at the orphanage the children had just had lunch when Mrs Buttercup made an announcement.

‘Children, there will be no outdoor playtime today due to the horrid weather. Instead we will make some music here in the warmth.’

They cleared away their plates and food, and they took out the instruments. Mrs Buttercup went over to her piano and pulled out the chair. She plonked herself down, and began to play. The little ones gathered round with their instruments.


‘That’s it, children’ said Mrs Buttercup with a smile. Gerard was thoroughly enjoying himself on his mini keyboard, while Albie was banging on his drum. The older children came to join them.

‘Now children, I have been teaching Lola to play the piano. How about you give us a demonstration?’ Mrs Buttercup asked.


‘Yay!’ shouted Lola’s best friend Jessica. Lola was able to play her song with no mistakes at all, and the little ones admired her talent. She was a natural when it came to music!

‘Can we do a game now?’ asked Gerard.

‘Of course! Who wants to join us?’ asked Mrs Buttercup. All of the children put their hands up, and so they all stood in a circle and played ‘duck, duck, goose’.


The end!

So, I think I have decided that the ‘house’ I made yesterday is actually going to be Bluebell village’s orphanage. I will probably add a bit more decoration, and a sign that says ‘orphanage’ to make it official.


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