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Frances Says…

Hello everyone!

Frances says:

Vote for me on Megan’s Best of 2016 Awards! My post ‘Flashback Time!’ has been nominated for the Best Random Post category.

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Thank you so much if you have voted for me, And expect a new photostory in the next few days…


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Frances Explores the Kitchen

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing the adventures of Frances with you all. She was trekking round the kitchen, and having a bit of a nose around…


Magenets on the fridge. (Frances is balanced on the top of a bottle by the way, she is the mad climbing and balancing red panda).


Outside on the windowsill.


Inside the fridge (it’s cold in there!)


Goodies and snacks!


The green corner of the kitchen.


That’s my name!

So, that was a bit different and definitely very random, I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon lovely readers!


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P.S.: I will be posting a Q&A part 2, but before I have answers I need questions! Comment below with any that you can think of.

Frances in the Bluebell Woods

Hello everyone! Recently, Frances Robinson was out exploring when she came across a beautiful bluebell wood.

She skipped through the woods, while bluebells were brushing past her. The sunlight had started to peep through the trees and illuminate the carpet of vibrant blue. Up above in the treetops, birds sang happily and Frances loved the sound of their songs.


Do you want to know a secret?


The background is a picture in our living room, I just held Frances up in front of it!



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Book Club: week 2

‘Good afternoon everyone!’ beamed Mrs Robinson ‘Welcome to another book club session! This week we read the first book in the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ series. What did everyone think?’


They started with Ron Barker ‘Well, I thought it was really good, definitely better than the Hunger Games.’

‘I loved it too!’ chipped in Alfie Robinson.

‘Well, I know you liked it because you wouldn’t put it down to eat your dinner!’ Mrs Robinson said to her son.

‘I thought it was a really creative way to engage kids, by using something that they could relate to’ said Jessica Buckley intelligently.

‘So, here is your next book. Have a nice week full of reading!’ said Mrs Robninson, and they all said goodbye and went home.


Hope you enjoyed it!





Red Panda Family

Hello everyone! I hope you’re not getting too bored of updates, but here’s another one (it will be quick!) I love red pandas, and they are my favourite Sylvanian family. Some of you may know that I have two because I won one in a competition. I have decided to extend their family from four members to five. Here they are:


Frances, Wilbur, Cali, Fliss and Alfie (Alfie is the new member of the family, he is the brother).



Part 1: The News

Frances was busy doingย  her homework at the table, when her parents came and sat down.


“Frances, we have something to tell you” began her mother, “you are going away to boarding school!” Frances gasped, it was a lot to take in. Would her new school be old and strict, or modern and funky?

That night, she was upstairs in bed reading a book.

“Frances, are you going to a faraway school?” her little sister Cali asked.


“Yes, this is what it looks like” replied Frances, and she held up a leaflet.

“Wow! It’s really big!” exclaimed Cali.

“I am going in two weeks.” Frances began to think about what she would pack to take with her.


The next day at school, Frances told her best friend what was happening.

“Oh no! Who am I going to disect frogs with in science?” Lola asked.


“You’ll just have to find another partner in science. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad about leaving” Frances said, feeling conflicted.


Yay for a new photostory! Look out for part 2 which is coming soon. By the way, this isn’t actually happening in my village, it’s just a story for my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t worry, Frances still lives in Bluebell village!

Book Club: week 1

The children sat around the room, chattering excitedly. Mrs Robinson hushed them, and then spoke…

‘Hello children! Welcome to the first meeting of Bluebell village book club!’ Mrs Robinson said excitedly ‘So, this week, we read ‘The Hunger Games’. What did everyone think?’


‘Well,’ began Jessica Buckley, ‘I thought it was very good, but it is definitely better for older readers. There is quite a lot of violence!’

The group nodded in agreement.


‘What do you think, Lola?’

‘I really enjoyed this book, it was soooo good! I am now a huge Hunger Games fan! Katniss is justย  like me, we’re both really brave.’

‘Well, I actually didn’t think it was too great,’ Frances Robinson said much to the group’s surprise ‘It isn’t really my thing, I wouldn’t normally choose to read it. Plus I thought it was really depressing, and I like happy books!’

‘Well, everyone has their own opinion’ Mrs Robinson said ‘so, here is your next book, I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and I won’t forget the snacks next time!’


Hope you liked it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You will have to wait until next week to see what they are reading….






Figure count

Hello everyone! I have recently gathered all of my Sylvanian figures together and counted them. Here they all are:


I currently have 39 figures in total. I might get some more soon, so that number will definitely rise. I would quite like a new family, maybe the border collie family to go with the twin babies.

And my favourite? Well, it would be very difficult for me to pick a favourite, but I would probably say Frances Robinson the red panda. ๐Ÿ™‚ She has come on lots of adventures and trips with me, usually in my pocket or my bag.

Frances just loves her little red dress - so warm and cosy, especially in winter!

That’s all for now, friends….



Two years of blogging!

As you will know from the title of this post, my blog has just turned 2 years old! Everyone is celebrating…

blog edited picture

Mrs Robinson is having a celebratory drink of wine… Village Store’s finest of course!


Here is a face that some of you may not recognise. It’s Sienna the Our Generation doll. She loves the Sylanians too! One day she dreams of going to an American Girl store and picking out some beautiful outfits and accessories….Maybe for this blog’s next birthday? She is super excited about the launch of Girl of the Year 2016! ๐Ÿ™‚


Sleep tight Sienna. And Happy Birthday Olivia’s Sylvanian Stuff…


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