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Good morning readers, I have returned! I had expected this blog to be covered in dust and completely empty with no comments or likes, however after many months (although it feels like years) of not blogging, I logged on to WordPress this morning and was surprised to see that despite my inactivity, I still have so many lovely readers and followers (80 of the latter 😃). Stay tuned for more posts, the sylvanians are back…


How Could I Forget?!

Hello everyone! I just remembered that I have some new friends… and I haven’t even introduced them to you! I got some new Tsum Tsums a few weeks ago:


Say hello to Princess Leia and Stormtrooper! They are the latest addition to my collection. Although, the fact that my pyramid of Tsum Tsum is incomplete is really bugging me – I guess that’s what makes you keep buying them!


Also, I have plans for a Tsum Tsum photostory/photo series. What do you think?


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Blogging News…

Hello everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post to tell you that I now have 100 comments on this blog, and 50 posts! Yay!


The Sylvanians are sooooo happy! This is the cow family on holiday a few years ago in our caravan.


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Taking down the Christmas decorations

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, today is the day when you are actually meant to take your Christmas decorations down. That is exactly what has been happening today in Bluebell village. Wilbur Robinson and Hornbull Buttercup have been busy putting everything away so that it is ready for next year. After all their hard work they were rewarded with hot cups of tea and a slice of cake-yum! Everyone in the village adores Crystal Babblebrook’s baked treats! She is an excellent cook.


There weren’t that many things to take down, just some teeny tiny paper chains and two Christmas trees. Bye decorations, see you next year!

Don’t forget to vote in the poll that is in my last post….



Handmade Sylvanian house

Happy Saturday friends! Today, I have made another Sylvanian house out of an old box left over from Christmas. I did make a little cottage a while back, but this one is much bigger. I forgot to take before photos, so you’ll only see after photos…


The Beaufort  polar bears might not be living there, I’ve just used them for the photos. It is very spacious as you can see in the picture, but I have two problems:

  1. I don’t have enough space in my bedroom for it
  2. I don’t have enough furniture to furnish it, everything in the picture has been pinched from the other houses!

By the way, the piano at the back by the beds was handmade. I got the paper and the instructions from an origami book, it looks really cute and is perfectly Sylvanian-sized!

Here is what part of the exterior looks like:


It has that same stripy paper on all of the outside walls. On the wall above, I have drawn on some roses and it makes it look really sweet. That is the only decoration I have put on, but I will probably add more.

I am very proud of it, and I hope you like it too!


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Daisy’s Schoolbag

Hello readers! My name is Daisy the bunny, and my mummy let me do a post today. I want to show you what is in my bag for school. I have this trendy backpack from Build a Bear. It’s all sparkly and cute!


I don’t have too much in there. If I did, it would be hard for me to carry because I’m just a little bunny! I need stationary to write and draw. Colourful pencils, check, funky ruler, check…


I don’t know if we’re allowed music players, but I have one anyway. Hehe!


So when my bag is packed, I got to school with mummy. Off I go…


Hope to post again soon! Bunny hugs,

Daisy x

P.S mummy says sorry about the bad quality photos. She took them on her tablet.

Summer Craft: Minion bookmark

Yo peeps! Today I am going to be showing you how to make a cute minion bookmark.

For this craft, you will need:

A minion clothes tag

Pretty ribbon


It’s pretty easy, and if you want to use a tag with a different character or pattern you can.  So, here is my tag:


I love minions! Anyway, once you have your supplies, get your ribbon and thread it through the little hole at the top.


Tie it in a bow and pop it into your book!


I’m always scrabbling around looking for bookmarks when packing for my holidays. This one is going to come in really handy!

Did it work for you, Stuart?



See ya


P.S The minion in the last picture is the Stuart from Build a Bear. I need to get him a little pair of dungarees from BAB, because currently he is naked 😀

Runner Up!

I’m very sorry that I haven’t posted for a long time, but I’ve just been too busy recently. Plus, I haven’t played with my Sylvanians properly for quite a while. But this week I received a mystery parcel… I was wondering what it might be, then suddenly I had a really good feeling. I opened it up and inside was a note to say that I was runner up for the last Sylvanian Collector’s Club colouring competition.


Unfortunately, my prize was the red panda family which I already have. I didn’t really know what to do with them so I just left them in their little box.


When I was in bed a brilliant idea came to me. I thought that if I just swapped their clothes with some of my other figures, then they could become extra members of the Robinson family!


I’m really glad that I can keep these furry little guys, and I’m also glad that the Robinsons now have the largest family in the village!

Now I just have the task of naming them. If you have any name ideas for a brother, a baby sister, a mother or a father then pleas leave a comment below 😛 I will update you if I come up with any names…

See ya!

Handmade Cottage

Hello everyone, I wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to recently.

Yesterday when I was sitting in school, I had an idea…My idea was to turn the little cardboard box that my Sylvanian Collectors Club things came in, into a teeny cottage for my Sylvanians, and the results were much better than I expected!


It started off as a plain, normal cardboard box that didn’t really look too brilliant, but once I had cut off the bits I didn’t need or want, it was starting to take shape.


I wrapped it in nice paer, inside and out. When the walls were done, I realised that I didn’t have enough material to make the carpet, but then I had yet another idea

The finished product:


I decide against the idea of matching, simple colours and went rainbow for the door (I just LOVE rainbow stripes!) I named my cottage ‘Water Lily Cottage’. But the best part was my carpet inside.


The little squares I cut out just seemed to fit perfectly onto the floor. I can only fit a little bit of furniture in, but there is actually more space than I thought there would be. At the moment, the Dante cats are living here with their new little baby Matilda Dante – it’s a bit of a squeeze! I am very pleased, and I am especially pleased that I can finally use a little of my creativity without ruining any of my other Sylvanian things.

Autumn and Winter

I haven’t posted in ages, so sorry for the delay. We’ve been moving house and it’s been my Birthday, plus I just started Secondary School so I really haven’t had the time recently.

Yes I have moved house, and my Sylvanian feel very at home, just look at the view they get out my bedroom window…


I’m not sure they enjoyed being packed away, but it was worth it when we got to our new house. They looked so cute, I just had to take a pic! I didn’t know I had so much furniture either, it filled a whole shoebox.

IMG_00000231 IMG_00000232 IMG_00000229

I have also been hard at work ensuring that my mini Sylvania is all ready for Halloween. I drew some teeny cute little decorations on paper and cut them out. My village looked quite spooky!


The ghosts were extremely simple but wonderfully effective too.

I got a few Sylvanian for my birthday too. It’s always great after the initial birthday excitement when it’s all over, and then I receive a special Collectors Club renewal gift in the post!


Watch this space because my village will soon be a wintry wonderland….