Top Five Commenters

Hello everyone! I was looking at my blog stats today and I felt that I should do a top commenters post. So, here are the top commenters starting from the fifth:

5. Zielle with 22 comments

4. kaitlynrh1 with 24 comments

3. Rebekah with 32 comments

2. Abby with 47 comments

And the winner is…..










1. Maddie with 49 comments!

I’m so grateful to all of my followers and those who leave positive comments on my blog. Thank you all so much, I never thought I would get 61 followers! 🙂

Have a nice day…


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Hello there

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I will be back in the next few days. I have had lots of exams and stuff to do, and I haven’t really been coming up with any good post ideas lately.

Today I have a to run 1500m in PE. Fabulous.


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How Could I Forget?!

Hello everyone! I just remembered that I have some new friends… and I haven’t even introduced them to you! I got some new Tsum Tsums a few weeks ago:


Say hello to Princess Leia and Stormtrooper! They are the latest addition to my collection. Although, the fact that my pyramid of Tsum Tsum is incomplete is really bugging me – I guess that’s what makes you keep buying them!


Also, I have plans for a Tsum Tsum photostory/photo series. What do you think?


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Queen’s Birthday Celebrated


Hello everyone!

In our country, royal events are very important. Things like a royal birth, wedding or birthday are celebrated with huge street parties and everyone joins in. We all gather together to watch the special event on the TV, whatever it may be. This time, we watched the Trooping of the Colour in London which was attended by the whole of the royal family. I remember when I was 10, we had a party at school for Prince William and Kate’s wedding and we watched the whole thing (it was pretty long!) When I was a little girl I always loved seeing the carriages being pulled down the mall and the wonderful moments on the balcony of Buckingham Palace…

…I have some pictures of the sylvanians in Bluebell Village celebrating:


They celebrated in true British style – with a lovely dinner of fish and chips! Or for my American readers, fish and fries. 🙂


They partied all afternoon long with dancing and singing. It was a truly wonderful day for all in the village.


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My London Trip

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago, I went to London with my family and I thiught that I would share some pictures with you. We stayed in a hotel for on night, and we went to a beautiful place called ‘Kew Gardens’. I forgot to take Sylvanians for some photoshoots and I was really annoyed with myself, but I hope you will enjoy these pics.


I bet you’re excited to see my feet. Yayyyyyyyy.


This is called the Pagoda, but I didn’t manage to get all of it into the shot. 🙂


This greenhouse place was really hot, and there were huge lilypads floating on the water.




Time for the treetop walk!


Then we went inside this place…




It was really warm in here too!


Lovely scenery, you wouldn’t believe that it was in London! We couldn’t even hear the traffic.


This bridge was so simple, yet stunning.


I think this was the way to the Pagoda but I can’t really remember.

If you are thinking of going to London, I definitely reccommend Kew Gardens. It is very different to all of the other tourist attractions in the city. Although it was quite busy, we could always find somewhere peaceful and quiet.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! 😛


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Winning Name & Another Blog!

Hello everyone! For those of you that have been waiting, the winning name for Mrs. Robinson is…… Penelope! It was suggested by the lovely Abby. 🙂


Above: Penelope Robinson hosting Bluebell Village Book Club

Some other news, two people in my class at school have started their own blog. Go and follow!



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Name That Sylvanian… Voting Time!


Hello everyone! I have selected the four names that I like best and added my own one into the mix. Here is the poll:


blog edited picture

The name that I added in was Ophelia, because it is such a beautiful Shakespearean name. Vote for your favourite and the winner will be announced in the next few days. 🙂


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Name That Sylvanian!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely Saturday. Today I am going to be looking for a new name for Fliss Robinson the red panda. As you may have already guessed, I’m going to need the help of you, my readers to come up with a name.




Comment with any names you think would suit Fliss, you can suggest as many as you want to. I will pick the best 4, and I will also add in 1 name that I like so that there will be 5 names in total. You will be able to vote for the name that you want, and the winner will be announced sometime next week. The person who suggested the winning name will get a shout out too! Have fun…


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More outdoor photography…

Hello everyone! The heatwave continues for us here in England, and today I have been outside again photographing:


My brother decided to fill this huge, empty plant pot with cold water. 🙂


I was trying to make water art on the garden patio!


My feet and a bit of my dress.


Barbecue time!


A beautiful plant.


Some more plants and my dad’s shoes.


A lovely Japanese Maple 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the random pics! Have a nice Sunday!


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Hotter than Ibiza?!

Hello everyone! I have returned to the blogosphere! I don’t know about anywhere else, but at the moment the place where I live in England is absolutely BOILING hot…. Apparently it is hotter than Ibiza!

Today I am bringing you my first ever Sylvanian photoshoot. I went out into the garden with Annabell Buttercup and took some pictures. Enjoy! 🙂



My mum said she thinks this angel looks like it should be on a grave, but I think it looks cute in the garden.



Hey, how did you get up there? 😛


This is the second horseshoe that my dad has found in the garden while digging.


Well, I had a really good idea for a picture, but our photoshoot was sadly cut short because of a summer storm. Even though it is hot here, it is still raining (there’s some thunder and lightning too, and that makes the random downpours much more exciting!)

I have been nominated for quite a few tags/awards, and I am still participating in AAWC, so look out for more posts soon! And yes, I was participating in BIBPC but I have only entered one category. I just feel like before I have had a chance to find out what one category is, the next one has already come along…. And I’m not too great at photography! 😀


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